czwartek, 1 marca 2018

konflikty w rodzinie

there are many problems which can appear/ occur in the families, e. g. mutual misunderstanding which is caused by generation gap beacuse teenagers want to have more freedom and to decide about their live. the second problem is parents pursue to earn a lot of money to upgrade standard of living and buy their children sth expensive or go abroad on holiday but they forget about taking care of their kids because of the lack of enough time for it/them. the third issue is overprotectiveness. Parents exaggerate with their care. they are too protective. they don`t have enough freedom. moreover in some families there is a huge problem of alcohol. it can lead to verbal and physical abuse. children are scared and frightened of spending time with their family and rest. what`s more they lose faith of themselves

wtorek, 27 lutego 2018

praca pytania

1.How should you prepare for a job interview?
2.Would you like to work as a doctor/volunteer?
3.In your opinion, is it important to have a well-paid job or an interesting job and why?
4.Which job is the most boring and why?
5.What is your dream job for the future?
6.What kind of boss would you make?
7. Would you like to work part-time as a university student and why?
8. What job would you never do?why?
9. Would you prefer to own a small business (be self-employed) or work as an emplyee?
10. Which is more important to you, a great career or great personal life?
11.Would you like to work abroad? why?
12. Have you ever done any summer job?What kind? 
13.What is important in choosing a job?
14.Which is more beneficial for a worker: working for the same company all their life or changing thier place of work?
15.What is the most dangerous jobs and why?

czwartek, 15 lutego 2018

dialog praca 6b/231

Why do you want to go abroad to find a job?
What are the reasons of finding job abroad

I want to improve my english
-earn some money to buy my dream bike/ to increase my standard of living/ to support a family
-meet new foreign friends
what kind of job would you like to have/ find?

.....i want to work as a shop assistant beacuse I have got some experience in this field.I`m customer-oriented. I like playing with children it`a s pleasure fo me. I`m responsible and friendly and I can care about children/ take care of...

-why don`t you try/ do/work/....
I`m afraid it is not suitable job for me.

-would you like to join me? /Let`s join me, it will be great
I`m not sure that it`s a great idea. I`m a little worried about it.

You will try sth new, you can get some new experience, we can share our house duties or rent, go to the parties sometimes.....

I think I will try it./ it sounds good

poniedziałek, 12 lutego 2018

pytania szkoła

1.what`s you favourite time to study?
2.tell me about a time when you visited a library. you think exams are good or bad?
good: - they show how much student / we know
-they motivate students to learn/ study more
bad:- students learn by heart
student are stressful
students learn only for passing ther exams not for their skills or knowledge
marks are unfair
4. what are the qualities of a good teacher?
-what should an ideal treacher be like?
5. do you think childern should start school at the age of five? why? why not?
-they are immature
they can`t focus on the lessons/ tasks
they need more time for pleasure/ fun/ playing than for studying
6. what do you think about cheating on the exams/tests
important/ valid
what do you think about the new educational system in Poland?

słówka czytanka the educational system

At dawn
Pitcher= jug
To pray
Poke sb`s chin out
To draw in
Hold sb`s head up
Bundle of twigs
To remind
Hardened girl
To exlaim
to carry away
To obey
To glisten
Trace of tear
Current affairs
Irrespective of sex
Economic status
Residential location


środa, 24 stycznia 2018

Pytania Świat przyrody

1.What is your the least / the best favourite season? Why?

2.Should animals be keptin zoos?

3.If animals could speak,what do you think they would say to human?

4.-Are you eco?
    -What do you do to be green?
    - What can we do to protect our environment/ planet?

5.How can we solve the problem of disappearing forest?

6. What is the worst natural disaster? Why?

7.What things do you do everyday that help to reduce pollution?

8. Tell me about the natural disaster you heard about.

Dodatkowo pytania z zadania 3 str. 217

wtorek, 23 stycznia 2018


Are you eco?
What do you do to be green?
How should we protect our environment/ planet?

Actions/ solutions how to protect our environment:
-I turn off lights when I don`t need/ use them
-use public transport/ cycle/ ride a bike/ go on foot / instead of cars
-protect the endangered species
- plant trees
Take showers instead of baths
-install solar panels
I don`t buy food with lots of packaging
- clean up coastline
Recycle rubbish
- use taps sparingly
-Donate the conservation programmes